How COVID-19 is Changing the Way Shools Arrange Classrooms & Ventilate Buildings
This article originally appeared in the St. Cloud Times. How do you keep students 6 feet apart in classrooms built for 30? How do you assign lockers so students can maintain social distance? St. Cloud school district partnered with consultants...
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Making A Difference During COVID-19
This week, the ICS Pennsylvania team had an on-site visit with sub-contractor Optimum Performance Balancing at the DELCORA wastewater treatment plant. Gene Alligood, ESCO Support Manager/Senior Construction Manager, brought face masks for all ICS and external team members made by...
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How ICS is Responding to COVID-19
At ICS, we understand that the world is currently being impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the various challenges this pandemic has posed to both our company and our industry. ICS has implemented policies and procedures to ensure the health, safety,...
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