Planning is at the core of what we do

Our team works with you on everything that happens before a shovel breaks ground.

Facility Assessment

Before you can develop a plan for your existing or new facility, you need to start with understanding the needs of your current ones. We provide facility condition assessment & planning for whole systems and individual elements. Our experienced team of engineers and asset planners accurately forecast for future facility investments. Having a detailed assessment is the first critical step toward understanding short- and long-term facility needs.

  • Identify building conditions and deficiencies
  • Consolidate your own facility data
  • Create a detailed assessment and recommendations
Space Utilization and Capacity Analysis

We analyze your current and proposed spaces to maximize space utilization and efficiency. These reports provide critical tools to determine space requirements and to find workable alternatives.

  • Determine actual use of space based on square footage, number of people, and building capacity.
  • Focus on occupancy and utilization to help increase performance
Asset Plans

We deliver a comprehensive look at facility systems to provide a total cost of ownership with consideration of operating efficiencies and best practices. We focus on understanding where a particular asset is in its lifecycle and whether it’s providing value.

  • Evaluate existing asset data
  • Provide asset cost
  • Provide recommendations
Pre-Referendum Services

The ICS team has been involved in more successful referendum efforts than just about anyone in the local industry during the past several years. We seek to involve appropriate representation of client and community stakeholders while being sensitive and accountable to overall goals and objectives.

Strategic Procurement

We develop a strategy that works alongside operational goals and construction schedules by working with financial and operation leaders. We focus on the supply of materials and identifying cost-saving opportunities on purchases.

  • Document internal needs, identify supplier and analyze their market
  • Develop and implement a sourcing and outsourcing strategy
  • Negotiate or select suppliers and implement improvements
Funding Analysis

We work with our clients to identify, structure and evaluate all potential funding or capital sources to ensure the most cost-effective and beneficial way to finance necessary improvements.

  • Self-funded through creating savings elsewhere in the project
  • External financing, including shareholder funds, loans, grants, capital gains, etc.
  • Project-based financing
Our Strategic Approach to Facilities Planning
01.Organize & Engage

We like to start each planning effort by listening and getting to know you, your goals, and what you expect from the process.

02.Establish Current Reality

Getting to know you and your stakeholders is key. Through surveys, interviews, and one-on-one conversations, we will establish a baseline from which decisions will be made.

03.Define & Quantify Needs

Taking the time necessary to accurately identify and assess all of your needs is critical to the success of every planning and project effort.

04.Develop Options

There are always multiple ways to achieve your goals. We will work with you to identify and evaluate numerous alternatives in an effort to ensure that you arrive at the solutions.

05.Analyze & Communicate

Careful analysis and proactive communication to all stakeholders will assist in establishing a clear understanding of your needs and solutions.


Once a comprehensive plan and solutions have been developed, the fun will begin as we work collaboratively with you to turn your plans into reality.