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Facilities play an important role in people’s lives and are central to providing places to live, learn, work, and play. We believe that through innovation and collaboration, we have the power to change lives. Through sustainable solutions, we have the power to change the future.

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Why work at ICS?

We hire talented, motivated people, who work collaboratively to help our clients and partners solve real challenges every day. The work we do impacts kids, students, parents, teachers, families, businesses, neighborhoods, communities, not just now, not just next year, but for decades. We are part of something so big, so powerful, so lasting. ICS is the right place to grow your career if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, embrace opportunities to learn and innovate, and have a blast doing it!

01.Sustainable Growth

Growth company atmosphere, opportunities for advancement, and all within a stable and profitable foundation.

02.Real Impact

Make an impact in people’s lives – our clients, their members, your colleagues and our communities.

03.Inspiring Culture

Innovate, collaborative, caring, and engaging

04.Great People

We have a smart, caring, and talented employee base.

We’re Values-Driven
Our values are not words on a page, they are ingrained into every aspect of our organization and culture.
We Care

We care about exceeding the expectations of our clients, enriching the lives of our people, and having a commitment to safety throughout all facets of the organization.


We are committed to developing strong relationships through honesty and trust.


We believe that excellence and accountability are necessary characteristics that result in accomplishment for our employees and success for our clients.


We will provide the best solution by working together as coworkers, clients, and partners.

Smart Innovation

We will continue to innovate new products, technologies, and lines of service that provide superior client solutions and ensure company success.

Take It From Us
Team ICS
Raeann testimonal headshot

"Being able to help the ICS team, our owners, contractors, and design team create successful projects is very gratifying! Over the past 18 years, how we do our jobs has changed. Now, completing an addendum is only a few clicks away. Construction is a very straight-forward industry, which I enjoy!"

Raeann WynnProject Coordinator

“I’m so thankful and proud to be a part of this team and organization. It is so rewarding to be a part of the process in developing relationships with our partners and community members. I’ve loved getting to take part in showcasing what makes ICS special and how we build strong and lasting connections.”

Ashlie KuehnMarketing Coordinator

“It’s not what you communicate, but how you communicate, and that translates to every part of marketing that our team is involved in: proposals, branding, communicating referendum plans, social media, events, and more. I am beyond proud of the work our team has put in to communicate how we build strong connections with so many different communities, team members, project partners, and more.”

Eryn SorensenDirector of Marketing and Communications

“Working for ICS provides a unique opportunity to be a part of a project from the moment funding is secured to the moment the building is operational. This is extremely gratifying to help guide our clients through every step of the process and see their dream come to fruition. This process also allows us to have a unique perspective to help guide clients, design teams, contractors, and suppliers through any issues that may occur during the implementation of a project. With this unique perspective and utilizing our internal industry knowledge, we’re able to provide the best project possible.”

Kyle WalterProject Director

“Everyone at ICS has a voice. Our team is made up of people who are proud of what they do. Dealing with construction issues can be stressful, but with ICS’s approach, we’ve been building an even stronger reputation with our clients and construction teams. Working in the public sector, we are extremely lucky to partner with many great clients to bring life to their ideas and help them with their facility issues.”

Brett BaldryVice President of Construction

“What I find exciting is the opportunity to interact with the people who live and work in the buildings we’re renovating - to hear their stories of how hard and long they worked to get the bonds passed so that we could update and add to their community school. Everyone who I’ve met has had or knows somebody who attended or is attending the school. This makes me want to give them the best product I can and show them what ICS is all about.”

Eric BakerSite Superintendent

“I love working in the construction industry and find it to be very rewarding. Every day is a different day, and I love seeing a project through from the beginning to the end. I’m excited to be at ICS and working with such a great team!”

Bekah ChapmanProject Coordinator

“Even though I started with ICS during these strange times, the Sauk Rapids team has been so amazing and supportive in my professional development. There’s a real sense of team, no stupid questions, and when anyone has an opportunity that arises on a project, everyone jumps in troubleshoot and help solve it. I’ve always been a team player, and it’s reassuring to get that same feeling from the rest of us here – not only in the Sauk Rapids office, but throughout the company.”

Dan HiemenzProject Manager

“Working for ICS has been great. We are very team-oriented. If I have questions or know someone in the office has worked on a similar project, I can easily get in contact with them. The construction industry can be busy and stressful at times, but at the end of a project, it’s satisfying seeing a district and community happy with their building. I believe ICS has built a culture around quality, client-driven work that shows in all our projects.”

Luke SelkenProject Manager

“I love working at ICS because it’s easy to stay passionate and driven on projects. For so many individuals, schools tie the community together. The people we work with are so enthusiastic about their educational systems that it’s hard not to share that same passion.”

Collin RehbeinProject Manager

“I’ll be working on the Dawson/Boyd project, which is the next community south of where I was raised and attended high school. I’m excited to see some familiar faces and be a part of the team to give the community a quality upgrade to the school and expand to the community center.”

Dain EricksonSite Superintendent
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