Building Change Through Community Partnerships

Building Change Through Community Partnerships - MREA 2023 Presentation

Building Change Through Community Partnerships

Building strong connections between schools and community partners brings together students, families, and the region to achieve common goals. Completed in May 2018, Mora Public Schools and the region’s hospital, Welia Health, partnered to construct a new community wellness center, which provides a year-round wellness/fitness facility and healthcare resources for all generations. In addition, the new Mora High School opened in the fall of 2023. Learn how community partnerships helped the district with a successful voter-approved referendum and identify the steps you need to take in your planning process.

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Meet the Presenters

ICS MREA Presentation - Jeff Schiltz Headshot

Jeff Schiltz, ICS Principal

With over 32 years of experience working with public sector projects and K-12 schools, Jeff has developed over $1 billion in comprehensive project plans across the region. Jeff is passionate about bridging the gap between school districts and community partnerships.

ICS MREA Presentation - Dan Voce Headshot

Dan Voce, Mora Public Schools Superintendent

Dan Voce has over 33 years of experience working in education. He has always been passionate about teaching and helping students. Dan’s time at Mora began in 2020, and he is proud to work with a dedicated and talented team of educators and support staff.

ICS MREA Presentation - Brent Nelson Headshot

Brent Nelson, Mora High School Principal

Brent Nelson has served as Mora High School’s principal for the past 11 years. He is proud of the numerous elective courses, student activities and clubs, and other offerings that Mora Public Schools provide students.

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