Sean Donohue

Addressing Facility Needs with ESSER Federal Funding
The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a big lesson – indoor air quality (IAQ) has a huge impact on keeping buildings, and those who use them, safe and healthy. This has put a bright spotlight on our country’s public schools,...
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Ready, Set, Relief – ESSER Funding Q&A
Q&A about ESSER Funding After the first installment of our Ready, Set, Relief webinar, we received many questions from attendees about this federal funding, what it can be used for, and the next steps they need to take to secure...
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ICS to Host Free Webinar about Build Back Better Plan
With the passing of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic relief bill, many district and community leaders have begun to wonder about how much federal funding will be allocated for K-12 infrastructure, as well as how this is going to impact...
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