Planning Simplified

Planning Simplified

When it comes to planning, we know it’s challenging to look ahead 10, five, or even two years. Our team is passionate about making planning simple and helping people like you plan for the future.

To help with this challenge, ICS has developed a new planning tool called Capital Improvement Planning 360. This comprehensive tool, in close collaboration with our team, helps provide our clients with accurate, comprehensive, and simplified plans for capital improvement and deferred maintenance needs. Our team wants to make planning easy, efficient, and accurate.

How did this need for Capital Improvement Planning 360 arise?

When it comes to planning, there are two main problems that arise.

  1. Providing efficient, accurate, and updated information.
  2. Involving our clients throughout the planning process.

Many of our clients have required documentation when it comes to facilities maintenance. We have the professional staff to help identify those needs, and our tool, Capital Improvement Planning 360, helps bridge that gap for them.

What separates our team in facility planning?

Since 2006, ICS has provided a wholistic approach to facility assessments and comprehensive planning, with no preconceptions of a solution. Our planning process organically identifies problems, and, in collaboration with our clients, we jointly develop a solution. Our goal is to provide a sustainable plan that addresses more than just replacing a roof or improving building systems. We want to ensure any decision made today puts our facility owners in the best position possible down the road.

How does ICS propose a cost for this service?

Capital Improvement Planning 360 is included with our planning services, a tremendous benefit to our public sector clients. ICS quickly determines a cost for our services based on the number of facilities and total square footage.

Additionally, any MN school district or municipality that is a member of a local Service Cooperative is subject to a 10% discount on all planning services we provide.

Ryan Hoffman - Project Development Manager

Ryan Hoffman
ICS Project Development Manager

“Planning is a process that identifies and solves problems. Solving problems helps create trust, brings progress, and limits risk which are all vital to the public sector. Additionally, it allows me to build relationships that carry beyond the workday. I really appreciate engaging the various backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge our clients possess on a daily basis.” 

For more information about Capital Improvement Planning 360 or to get started planning for the future today, click here! We look forward to planning with you.