Capital Improvement Planning 360

An innovative tool to help you plan for the future
We know planning is hard.
That’s where our team comes in. We’re passionate about helping you plan for the future. And when it comes to facility planning, we understand there’s a lot involved, and we know there may not be an effective tool for doing that. That’s why ICS created an innovative online tool for our clients’ planning needs – Capital Improvement Planning 360.
Our tool allows you to create and manage your plan while taking the necessary steps now to implement future changes. Learn more about how this tool can help YOU below.
Manage your budget and schedule your improvements effectively.

Review various planning scenarios to ensure financial viability, establish project priorities, and develop an appropriate timeline.

Prioritize your deferred maintenance and capital improvements.

Use funding, timing, and current project costs to quickly move improvement projects from one fiscal year to another as needs change.

Align available funding with improvements needed.

Ensure funding is available to fund needed improvements and clearly communicate this information through charts and visual reports.

Facility planning done well.

An innovative planning team, and tool, at your fingertips.

Since launching Capital Improvement Planning 360, our team has managed almost 100 facilities totaling approximately six million square feet. Do you need to see all your HVAC systems across 20 buildings in a single view? That’s where our tool comes in. Connect with our team today to get started with an initial facility assessment.

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Changing the game for facility planning.

The goal of Capital Improvement Planning 360 is to provide comprehensive data, reasonable schedules, and cost estimates for ongoing maintenance and life-cycle repair and replacement costs.

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