ICS Receives Special Note of Thanks

I have worked in partnership with ICS since I began as superintendent of East Central Public Schools in 2013. ICS has undergone several mergers and transitions during my tenure, but one thing has remained the same, their commitment to helping us improve and maintain our school buildings and grounds.

ICS has worked alongside us through the following projects:

  • Overhauling the district’s heating, venting, and air conditioning systems.
  • Studying, designing, and overseeing corrections to the district’s storm water drainage system.
  • Redesigning and simplifying our onsite drinking water system.
  • Designing and managing the construction of an Alternative Learning Center on our school campus.
  • Support and leadership in the selling of abatement bonds to redesign and replace the school district’s parking lots and walkways.
  • Remodeling educational space to create a flexible Elementary Learning Lab.
  • Conversion of music classrooms into special education flexible learning space.
  • Designing and remodeling the district’s kindergarten and early childhood learning spaces.
  • Designing and overseeing the district’s transition to LED lighting.
  • Installation of an early childhood playground and turf play area.
  • A multiyear planning, design, and construction of the district’s cooperative special education facility in partnership with two other school districts.
  • Studying the feasibility of solar energy at our school site.
  • Planning and preparing for an upcoming replacement of the school district’s roof system.

These projects time and time again have highlighted the need for our school district to hire a consultant like ICS. Their team is world class. They have helped us plan, design, and execute the projects listed above. They come alongside the entire process including working closely to pass voter approved bond referendums, studying school financing mechanisms, holding community listening sessions, drafting marketing-communications materials, long range facility planning, legislative advocacy, and more. This comprehensive support makes it essential for school districts to have a consultant like ICS.

The ICS slogan is “Building Strong Connections,” and they deliver. They are our go to folks when we need support with our facility. I cannot imagine trying to protect our taxpayer’s investment without experts like ICS by our side. I have been impressed with the breadth of knowledge their team brings to the table. They truly are experts in any and all things facility related.

Furthermore, a common concern superintendents and school boards have when planning facility projects in the cost of consultants. We have found ICS to be honest, straightforward, and comprehensive in their fees associated with projects. There is no hidden costs and no surprises. They communicate well with our business office and track spending alongside our staff. Two words I would use to describe ICS regarding their costing model are ‘transparent’ and ‘upfront.’ As a superintendent this has given me piece of mind and made it easy to communicate with stakeholders about project budgets.

As you work to preserve, protect, and improve your school facilities, I highly recommend ICS to help lead the way. We have experienced ICS as the top-notch facility consultant in the market today. Please reach to me if you have further questions.


Andrew M. Almos, Superintendent

East Central Public Schools

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