Community Partnerships

How do you reach your communities and engage people in a long-term vision? When a school district steps forward to partner with their cities, counties, hospitals, and other community leaders, they’re committing to the next 50 years.

Pursuing a community partnership brings forward a variety of new advocates to communicate the vision of the project. It also creates a different story that goes beyond what changes will happen with PreK-12th grade education. How will the entire community, and all its residents of every age, engage with the school district?

For years after a building is complete, there’s an asset for the community. Investing in schools means investing in 50 years and several generations of students and staff. That’s one of the reasons why community partnerships are so valuable! This kind of commitment is about the community’s direction, not just where it is today.

Watch the videos below to see how public schools partnered with the business community, healthcare, community programming, and the city to best serve their communities.

public schools + the business community

For more information about the Brainerd Public Schools projects, click here.

public schools + healthcare

Welia Health partnered with Mora Public Schools to build a community wellness center in Mora, MN. For more information about the Welia Wellness Center project in Mora, click here.

public schools + community programming

For more information about the projects in Deer River, click here.

public schools + the city

For more information about the projects at Independent School District 318, click here.

We hope that some of these real-life examples might spark some thought about how a community partnership might be the right solution for your facility’s needs. It can be challenging to develop these partnerships, but the outcomes are most certainly worth the work, and ICS is here to help.