Revitalizing Pride in Rural Education

Revitalizing Pride in Rural Education

Relive ICS’s Revitalizing Pride in Rural Education presentation that ICS Principals, Pat Overom and Jeff Schiltz, showcased at the 2021 MREA Annual Conference with guest speakers Chris and Briana Ingraham.

Communities play an integral part in childhood education. Learning takes place not only behind the four walls of a classroom, but also in the homes, schools, and workplaces of the families throughout the community. Thirty years ago, before the age of social media, communities and schools were well connected, and there was a great sense of pride in rural education. Now, in a season of distractions and challenges, it has never been more important to reconnect schools with communities. In this presentation, we will share case studies from some rural Minnesota educators and highlight how to rebuild partnerships to revitalize pride in rural education once again.

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    Meet the ICS Presenters

    Jeff Schiltz
    Jeff Schiltz holds over 26 years of relevant and diverse experience partnering with clients on projects in overall facilities planning, referendum communication, project development and construction, and project oversight.
    Pat Overom
    Pat Overom possesses a diverse and extensive background on projects in overall facilities planning, project development, and construction with 24 years of relevant experience. He offers expertise at first cost, life cycle, energy efficiencies and overall building systems.

    About the Ingraham’s

    Christopher Ingraham is a former Washington Post Reporter who is most notably known, in Minnesota, for his infamous article where he called Red Lake County “the absolute worst place to live in America.” This article was based on data gathered by the federal government. You can read the full article here.

    Christopher was invited by the community to visit Red Lake County to see if it truly was the worst place to live in America. He fell in love with the area so much that in 2016, Christopher and his wife (Briana Ingraham) relocated their family from their Maryland home to Red Lake County. Their move is the subject of his book If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now.

    Meet the Ingraham's