ICS Celebrates National Construction Safety Week!

Coloring Contest

For National Construction Safety Week, we asked our employees families to show off their skills and creativity in a coloring contest! Check out these artists and their beautiful work!

Duluth Companywide walk
Josh Williams_Company Walk_1
MACCRAY Trivia Team

Safety Week Activities

We planned some fun activities for National Construction Safety Week! Team members across our company participated in daily stretches, step challenges, safety trivia, and attended a presentation by guest speaker, Kara Solum, on office ergonomics and nutrition!

MACCRAY & WSCV Fall Protection 

In the construction industry, the most reported deaths on-site result from fall accidents. Preventing falls can mean the difference between life and death, so it’s crucial to receive proper training to reduce injuries and casualties on the job.

Our teams carried out Safety Stand-Down events at our job sites to focus on common fall hazards and reinforce the importance of fall protection.

MPLS Evac Drill 4_copy
MPLS Evac Drill 6_copy
MPLS Evac Drill 3_copy

Fire Evacuation Drills

Our team members participated in fire evacuation drills and fire extinguisher training across our offices and job sites. These emergency drills help reinforce the proper evacuation routes, fire extinguisher handling techniques, and ensure the safety of our team members.

2021 OECS Safety Teamwork Award

ICS is the proud recipient of the 2021 OECS Safety Teamwork Award! Voted on by OECS Safety Associates and the OECS leadership team, this award recognizes ICS and our Safety Committee for following OSHA guidance in establishing, running, and evolving our Safety Committee, holding regular safety meetings, organizing company-wide safety initiatives, and improving safety metrics and culture within the workplace. ICS was selected as one of four out of over 300 contractors to receive the 2021 OECS Safety Teamwork Award.