ICS Wins the 2021 OECS Safety Teamwork Award!

ICS is the proud recipient of the 2021 OECS Safety Teamwork Award! For almost 30 years, OSHA + Environmental Compliance Systems (OECS) have worked to create safe work environments with hundreds of clients across the Upper Midwest. Serving as ICS’s external safety partner, our team has worked hard to build a solid foundation for safety across all job sites and offices. The OECS Safety Recognition Awards Program formally recognizes companies for their work in safety with the OECS Safety Pinnacle Award, the OECS Safety Spotlight Award, the OECS Safety Champion Award, and the OECS Safety Teamwork Award. Voted on by OECS Safety Associates and the OECS leadership team, this award recognizes ICS and our Safety Committee for following OSHA guidance in establishing, running, and evolving our Safety Committee, holding regular safety meetings, organizing company-wide safety initiatives, and improving safety metrics and culture within the workplace. Since our inception in 2006, ICS has been committed to safety across all facets of our organization – proven results of that commitment with this award. “ICS is dedicated to exemplifying our value of safety at every level throughout our company. We continue to build our safety culture by engaging all of our employees and creating the mindset that all injuries are preventable,” says Donny Hines, Safety Director.

We’d like to thank every member of our team for their participation – especially to those involved in our Safety Committee (Jack Carlson, Dana Fontaine, Erik Halland, Nate Hendrickson, Safety Director Donny Hines, Brad Lund, Justin Maaninga, Chris Rear, Taylor Rugroden, Ekalath Sophaphanh, Chris Vogel, Chris Wacker, Kyle Walter, and Scott Whittemore). Our team is honored to win this award. Congratulations to the other award recipients!