ICS — A Legence Company

ICS - A Legence Company

Since 2006, our team has been passionate about impacting people and communities through our work planning, designing, improving, and constructing buildings. Facilities can be built better, smarter, and crafted for the future without sacrificing performance. Buildings create 38% of all carbon emissions, and overall efficiency worsens as buildings age. In short, we want to continue making a difference – to impact future generations. To make a significant impact, you need a strong and experienced team to make that happen.

ICS is proud to announce that we are officially a part of Legence, a Blackstone Portfolio Company, and a legion of companies and employees committed to making our spaces healthier and more sustainable. Comprised of a dozen companies across the nation and over 3,500 industry professionals and craftspeople spanning 50+ offices, Legence seeks to radically improve the performance of the built environment.

Each company under the Legence umbrella shares a common goal of innovating the services provided within the built environment. ICS clients will continue to work with the great teams that they’re familiar with and receive the same high-quality service we’ve provided for years. However, they will now have access to an even wider range of additional integrated services and resources emphasizing efficiency and sustainability.

As a Legence company, we’re excited to continue positively impacting people through our work, and we’re honored to do it alongside our clients. We believe we can foster the future by championing building efficiency today. For more information, read our press release here or visit WeAreLegence.com.