ICS Hosts Ready, Set, Relief Webinar Series
Improving our clients’ facilities is at the core of what we do at ICS. But one major factor that can cause hiccups in the process is having enough funding to fuel the project. However, the passing of President Biden’s $1.9...
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Q&A: School design consultant: ‘A lot more viruses’ coming
This article originally appeared in Finance & Commerce. As a building and planning firm that specializes in school development, design, and construction, Minneapolis-based ICS has plenty of work opportunities these days. In recent months, the firm has advised school districts...
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How ICS is Responding to COVID-19
At ICS, we understand that the world is currently being impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the various challenges this pandemic has posed to both our company and our industry. ICS has implemented policies and procedures to ensure the health, safety,...
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