Referendum Wins in November 2023

In collaboration with three Minnesota districts, our team celebrated local voters’ approval of their bond referendum questions on Tuesday, November 7. Goodridge Public School, KMS Public Schools, and Osseo Area Schools secured over $260 million for critical improvements that will impact students, staff, and community members. Explore the details of each project below.


Goodridge Forward: Goodridge Public School

Goodridge voters have said “yes” to a $21.35 million investment aimed at addressing facility and educational needs. The plan included appropriately sized and enhanced learning spaces for all students and staff. Key components of the plan include an expanded Career and Technical Education (CTE) space, HVAC updates, a dedicated secure entrance, various bathroom updates, a six-classroom addition for students in grades 3-6, a full-sized gymnasium addition, and other various improvements. 


One KMS: KMS Public Schools

In the KMS area, voters approved a $17.15 million plan dedicated to key improvements across the district. These improvements included building a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) addition, reconfiguring their administrative offices at the secondary school, building additional space at the elementary school, constructing a new parking lot, making improvements to the theater space at the secondary school, and other critical improvements. 

Superintendent Martin Heidelberger said, “Over the years, I have been involved with running several referendums, and I can say unequivocally that ICS has provided us with the most clear, concise, comprehensive, and timely communication process. School district leaders know that communication is a key factor in any successful referendum, and the ICS team expertly delivered that process.”


Building a Better Future: Osseo Area Schools

Osseo voters supported a $223.225 million investment to foster classroom stability and community expansion. This comprehensive plan allocates funds for various initiatives, such as enhancing safety and security across all schools, modernizing spaces for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM), updating classrooms and common areas, introducing a new outdoor classroom, repurposing an existing elementary school to fulfill Community Education programming needs, and constructing a new elementary school.

We’re passionate about partnering with school districts from the very beginning, and in the last decade, our team members have helped pass over $2.4 billion in voter-approved referendums across Minnesota. Since our inception, we’ve focused on building strong connections with public schools through long-range planning, facility assessments, pre-referendum communications, and more. Wherever you are in the planning process, our team is ready to help you implement changes in your district – just like Goodridge, KMS, and Osseo.

Connect with our team on making changes in your community:

Jeff Schiltz

Northern Minnesota: Jeff Schiltz, Principal

Pat Overom

Metro-South Minnesota: Pat Overom, Principal