Internship Experience with Isabel Brooks

The Discover Program 

In any workplace, multi-dimensional problem-solving and thinking are critical. Today, employees favor potential employees who emulate those traits and bring relevant internship experience to the table. Internships are invaluable, especially for college students and graduates.

An internship brings an abstract theory that is presented and discussed in the classroom to life. And even more than that, it’s discovering what it’s really like to work somewhere. With recruiters from every company seeking out the top candidates, it can be a challenge to attract top talent.

The Discover Program ICS Consulting challenges potential interns to come find out the real deal. Only they can decide if what we’re telling them at career fairs and interviews matches up with our actual company, actual opportunities, and actual culture. We want our interns to discover what it’s like to put out some of the most innovative engineering and construction projects in our region. We want them to discover what it means to be a part of a company who cares.

One intern who took the challenge this past summer was Isabel Brooks. Isabel is a Junior at Drexel University pursuing a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. While at ICS, she worked as a Mechanical Engineering Intern.

Projects Worked On:

The biggest project Isabel worked on this summer were conducting facility assessments. Isabel had the opportunity to complete this for about five different projects. She identified HVAC systems and equipment to ensure they were operating effectively. She also completed exterior and interior lighting analysis. Additionally, Isabel helped with data analysis for many projects, specifically for energy saving and usage. During her down time, Isabel researched and read about a variety of engineering topics. Her summer internship brought opportunities in many aspects of the engineering field.

Brooks stated, “I’ve had a hand in helping produce a client ready deliverable and there was a big proposal that we had to write through. And although as an intern, I of course did not have a pivotal role in those things, I got to at least be exposed to the process and contribute what I could and get a good perspective on what it means to have something ready for a client.”

[Tweet “Now, I understand that design and comfort need to be priorities”]

Valuable Lessons Learned:

Isabel’s internship has been a learning experience. While completing assessments, Isabel learned that it’s not only important to know the general concepts of what to look for, but also to remember the specifics are just as important.

Brooks explains, “Before I started this internship, I couldn’t even tell you what a boiler looked like, let alone what it was supposed to be doing. But now, if I walk into a boiler room, I can actually identify the different equipment and the things that are important to know about them.

For Isabel the biggest takeaway from this summer was learning the magnitude of impact building system design has on occupant operation. She elaborates, “Now, I understand that design and comfort need to be priorities, otherwise, any other functions in a building concept fall apart.”

Leaving an Impact:

Isabel has not only left an impact on ICS, but also on our clients. Isabel had the opportunity to work directly with school districts to determine opportunities for them to save energy. This savings can be invested back into the school district for educational improvement.

“Whether it be more money for better teachers or equipment or better facilities, it will contribute positively to the student,” Brooks said, “Because of that, I know that I helped produce well rounded and educated students that are ready to tackle life’s challenges when they get out of the district.”

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