ICS Receives Special Note of Thanks

Dear ICS Employees,

On behalf of our students, staff, parents, and communities, it’s my pleasure and privilege to extend to you a special note of thanks to all of you for our new school. Through your commitment, dedication and hard work, we are benefactors of a “FABULOUS” school. Year two, was almost as good, as year one!

We are forever indebted to you for your contributions to our New School Initiative. I speak for everyone who has attended, works, visited or toured our building that we were blessed in so many ways during our journey to obtain our new school. Thanks to everyone’s contributions, we have a school that was designed and constructed with a built-in “WOW FACTOR”!

You truly have blessed our school and communities through your assistance with overseeing the construction and completion of our new school. You can trust that your contributions “Have Made a Difference” in the success of our students and our school district. You have left a lasting legacy!

The R-P School slogan is “Always Our Best.” Again, thank you for your assistance throughout the construction of our beautiful and highly functional 21st Century Building.

I wish you much success with all of your projects in the years ahead.

Have an enjoyable and productive summer!

Yours In Education,

Chuck Ehler

Superintendent (now retired), Rushford-Peterson Schools

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