ICS and Obernel Partner to Present on Healthy Buildings

As we navigate the challenges of providing optimal educational settings during a pandemic, there are lessons learned and increased awareness of healthy building spaces’ importance. ICS and Obernel are teaming-up to talk about practical next steps to guide your facilities’ comprehensive management using healthy building principles.

In our Healthy Buildings presentation, we focus on indoor air quality, mechanical system validation, and whole-building considerations that provide confidence your systems are operating as designed while optimizing comfort and health as we enter into the heating season and beyond.

Perform your own facilities assessment with our Healthy Buildings Checklist!

Mark Bradby, PE, Director of Engineering – Minneapolis

Mark has over 20 years of mechanical systems experience and strongly advocates for the use of sustainable technology and techniques in buildings. His passion for sustainability, coupled with his robust mechanical design experience, helps clients work towards their sustainability goals. Mark has a desire to serve others, and as Director of Engineering in Minneapolis, he leverages his project management and leadership experience to streamline our production process and mentor young engineers.

Kaeko Leitch, PE, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager

Kaeko has over 20 years of experience in mechanical and electrical engineering and project management. Her experience includes designing plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems, and controls for various building types. Kaeko’s experience with both mechanical and electrical systems yields her a unique understanding of how MEP systems work together in a facility.

Pat Overom, PE, Principal at ICS

With over 24 years of experience, Pat possesses a diverse and extensive background in overall facilities planning, project development, and construction. He is also well-versed in the life-cycle of a building, energy efficiencies, and overall building systems operation.

Stephanie Buckley, AIA, LEED, Project Development at ICS

With over 15 years of experience and a Masters of Architecture, Stephanie has extensive knowledge and experience with healthy facilities and building systems. As both a Licensed Architect and LEED Accredited Professional, she is knowledgeable in facility assessment, planning, and project management.