Chad Hansen Promoted from Intern to Full-Time Project Manager

In any workplace, multi-dimensional problem solving and thinking are critical. Today, employees favor potential employees who emulate those traits and bring relevant internship experience to the table. The importance of an internship is invaluable, especially for college students and graduates. An internship brings an abstract theory that is presented and discussed in the classroom to life. When an internship develops into a full-time position, it is one of the best outcomes for both the employee and employer. Chad Hansen, a Project Management Intern since November 2016, is officially promoted to a full-time Project Manager.

Graduating in May 2018 with a degree in Construction Management from Dunwoody College of Technology, Chad is immediately able to apply the skills, responsibilities, and lessons learned from his internship directly into his new role in managing projects on a full-time basis. From leading construction meetings to working and coordinating with various contractors on-site, Chad’s skillset developed during his internship has effectively prepared him for his career in construction management. Todd Wetzel, Project Director with ICS, said: “Chad did an awesome job balancing the workload between school and his responsibilities at ICS.” Our team asked Chad a few questions about his internship experience and how he was effectively able to manage both work and school.

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Why did you choose to study Construction Management? Why did you choose Dunwoody?

“I chose Construction Management because of my experience working in the field on various construction jobs. I received a great, hands-on feel of the industry during this time. I also knew that the market was, and would continue to be, very favorable for construction. Being very well known for having a quality Construction Management program, I felt that Dunwoody would best position me for future success.”

What projects have you worked on during your internship? Do you have a project you particularly enjoyed?

“I have worked on various projects at Kasson-Mantorville and New Prague Area Schools including the Middle School, Falcon Ridge Elementary, Bus Garage, and the Community Education Center.” Currently, I am working on projects for Osseo Area Schools. If I had to choose a project I enjoyed the most, I would have to say the various projects for New Prague. I really enjoyed seeing the change in facilities over the past year. From the new large pool facility to the addition at the middle school, it put a smile on my face seeing the community so happy.”

What have been the most valuable lessons you have learned during your internship?

“I learned that communication and time management are critical in running a successful job. With the ‘summer slam,’ timelines and communicating these schedules to all project stakeholders are keys to success for any project.

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What are your overall thoughts on your internship experience with ICS?

“I truly feel that having this internship while receiving my degree helped me to succeed in both areas of my life. Working on-site allowed me to learn for work and school at the same time. I graduated with honors and answered questions left and right in class due to my hands-on experience. Overall, this internship was very successful for me, both personally and professionally, and I am looking forward to the future with ICS.”

What are you most looking forward to being a full-time project manager?

“I am most looking forward to being at work each day – putting all my effort toward work and not having to split efforts with school.”

How did Dunwoody prepare you for this position? How will you use your education in your role as Project Manager?

“Dunwoody prepared me for this role by allowing us to get out on other job sites to see what actually happened. Learning about construction through a textbook can only get you so far, so the hands-on approach that Dunwoody provided was very beneficial. I will use my degree each day in effectively managing projects, communicating on a pro-active and professional basis including meetings and e-mails, and reviewing all project components with accuracy and attention to detail.”

An internship provides hands-on experience and paves the way for a possible position with that firm. Showing dedication and commitment during an internship develops a commitment to the company and those with whom you work. Dan Thiele, Project Manager with ICS, said: “Chad is working right alongside other project managers and me; he is and will continue to be an asset to the company.” If you or someone you know is considering a career in Construction Management and would like to develop skill sets and gain hands-on experience, an internship is a wise decision for future success. Chad is positioned for success in his new, full-time role and, as a firm, we are looking forward to seeing him continue to grow. Congratulations, Chad!